Meet the 2018/19 Team!



Julia Manzo: Fourth Year, International Relations and Law

Julia’s favourite ice cream flavour is the strawberry cheesecake Haagen-Dazs and when Tesco has 2for1 deals things get Dangerous


Ghalia Alwazan: Fourth Year, Politics

Catch Ghalia wandering around the Stockbridge market!


Anita Lekova: Fourth Year, Russian Studies and Politics 

Anita just came back from her year abroad in Moscow. She really enjoys slam poetry, and is actually a slam poetry champion! She loves exploring different local coffee shops in Edinburgh, and she’s hoping to be able to meet and help some of you at some point during the year.


Janelle Brannan: Fourth Year International Relations with Quantitative Methods 

Janelle recommends that everyone visit the Camera Obscura when visiting Edinburgh, it has beautiful views and is lots of fun!


Lily Samett: Fourth Year International Relations with Quantitative Methods 

Lily’s favorite thing to do in Edinburgh is to walk around Dean Village.


Amanda Scully: Third Year International Relations

Amanda is a big fan of late night walks to the castle in Edinburgh and her favorite food is all vegetables. She can’t wait for some fun socials and hangouts in the upcoming year!


Linn Lagerholm: 3rd year International Relations and International Law

Linn’s favorite thing to do in Edinburgh is walk around Old Town and explore different bookshop and salted caramel is her favorite ice cream flavor.


Lindsey Flagler: Third Year International Relations with Quantitative Methods

A fun fact about Lindsey is that she really likes blueberries.


Andrew Barnett: Second Year, History and Politics 

Andrew’s favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, and he is involved in the fencing, chess, and philosophy societies at the University.


Maja Sörensen: Second Year, Politics 

Walking around in all of Edinburgh’s amazing parks is Maja’s favorite thing to do in Edinburgh.


Kern Fastrup: Second Year, Economics and Politics 

Kern is your typical Scandinavian with a wardrobe consisting of 90% black, grey, and white clothes.